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General Members Meeting  – this is the supreme body of the Association. Each company operating in the direct selling industry and complying with certain requirements can become a member of the DSA.

Board – 3 members of the Board are elected by member companies for 1 years term.

Chairman of the Board – he/she is elected by the Board members for 1 years term.

Baltic General Secretary – Baltic Direct Selling Associations due to costs efficiency agreed to have this position. Baltic GS  coordinates Baltic DSAs’ activities, helps them to be more visible locally and internationally.

Committees – Association can have committees which are responsible for special bars of activities, for example Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee.


  • Mr. Göran Nordh (OÜ “GNLD International”) – Chairman
  • Ms. Heli Helm (OÜ “Oriflame Eesti”) – Member

General Secretary for Baltic States:

  • Mr.Gintautas Zaleckas
Code Administrator:
  • Mr.

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