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Direct selling, a unique method of distribution from which benefits all sides.

Benefits for the Consumers:
•  Opportunity to try and test the products;
•  Tailored made demonstration and consultation in a friendly environment;
•  Personalised delivery at home;
•  Right to withdraw the purchase within a given period (additional protection);
•  Direct contact with the seller;
•  Guarantee and after sales service;
•  Flexible buying hours.

Benefits for the Direct sellers:
•  Possibility to establish and to run own business at minimum cost/low risk;
•  Convenient flexible earning opportunities;
•  Flexibility to choose working hours;
•  Spouses or family members can be partners in business (family business);
•  Adjustable opportunities ranging from part-time to full-time activity;
•  No formal qualifications required;
•  Adequate training and support from companies;
•  Large range of products available;
•  Social contact and personal recognition.

Benefits for the Companies:
•  The most effective method to enter new market with relatively low cost, especially providing unique products or services;
•  Does not require high capital investment;
•  Allows to avoid additional intermediaries in distribution, saved money can be invested elsewhere;
•  No major previous business experience necessary;
•  Requires no specially educated workers;
•  Effective in gaining the initial interest and attention of prospective customer – personal touch;
•  Particularly effective in the marketing of low-cost consumer goods or products insufficiently known: new products, technically complex products, etc;
•  Unique competitive strategy:
– no need for substantial advertising;
– unique in using a socially-based, sales process to attract and retain new customers;

Benefits for the Economy and State:
•  Creates earning opportunities (mainly part-time) and facilate economy;
•  A channel of distribution away from large retail distribution unities;
•  Creates micro-enterprises;
•  Introduces self-employment;
•  Develops entrepreneurship;
•  Contribute to national economic welfare.

Benefits for the Society:
•  Self-employment opportunities;
•  Entrepreneurship;
•  No gender, age, ethnicity and disability discrimination;
•  Globalisation;
•  Offers alternatives to large outlets.

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